I’ve worked on a lot of PowerPoint decks and templates, and have gotten quite good at producing them using the latest versions of the software on both Macs and PCs. As a designer, I’ve learned some great tricks and workarounds to force the program to let me produce better-looking decks, and have pushed back at its limitations (as a personal challenge). I’ve beaten back the quirks of master pages, and I’ve added interactivity, animations, and hyperlinks to decks. I’ve also done tons of charts, graphs and technical illustrations, and have mastered the dark art of building complex tables within PowerPoint – while getting them to look right too!

However, due to ongoing NDAs with the various pharmaceutical clients with whom I’ve worked, I can’t link any of them here, except as thumbnails. I’ll be happy to present actual decks during an in-person interview, and answer any questions about their creation!


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