Bristol-Myers Squibb


I worked twice at BMS as a contractor, doing layout and design of patient-facing and physician-facing support materials for ongoing and proposed clinical drug trails. I also did some fairly-complex interactive PDFs for PC and iPad use by doctors (previews of which can be seen on this page), but my frst love is print, and I enjoyed the chance to broaden my understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and its nuances. I also had the opportunity to create some original brochures, logos, branding, and other new collateral material and special projects along the way, so the work stayed interesting for me, even though some of the content was very complex and the technical language far above my pay grade. And I thought I was so smart...

NOTE: Because these projects feature ongoing research, I can not display most of the actual files on my site. I would be happy to show a sampling of these pieces confidentially during an interview, either as prints within my physical portfolio or as PDFs on my laptop.  

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