Hello out there! I'm Ken Palmer, aka PYXL8R,  as in "pixelator" … one who deals in pixels.

I’m a graphic designer, artist and musician, and this is definitely the place to learn more about my work. Welcome, friends, colleagues and clients!

As an experienced Art Director and Senior Designer, I have decades of design expertise to share. I'm especially adept at Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Acrobat Pro, and I am very fast, flexible, funny, and easy to get along with. But consider yourself forewarned: I've been known to ask the questions in a meeting that nobody else will, to always sweat the details by looking ahead three or four steps, and to always push for more-logical workflows and best practices, and to drag you – sometimes kicking and screaming – along with me. (Try and keep up!) Graphic design is a deadline-oriented business, so I am continuously striving to improve my skill set, and to make my creative output more efficient and more accurate. Why waste time with crude patches and workarounds? That's definitely not my style!

In June, 2017, I finally hung up my freelancer’s hat after an almost 7-year stretch. I havent quit the business, though! Not a chance! I am now working as a full-time actual employee at a medical equipment manufacturer local to me, and I am very happy for the new career challenges ahead and the steady paycheck! I’ve also been known to get involved in audio and video productions, and I currently help run an ambient music concert series in my area. I’m likely to be juggling several different projects at once, while still trying to carve out some free time to devote to my art and music.

So, if I do NOT answer or return your call immediately, THAT is the reason... but please PLEASE don't stop calling! (Texting is great too!)
...In other words, if I can gather enough candles, I plan to continue to burn them at both ends! ;-)

As you explore this site, you'll learn that I have many interests, including fine art, photography, videography, computers, architecture, industrial design, music and audio recording, and stage lighting.  It's nice to have such a full toolbox with which to play and explore. As this hodgepodge of diverse interests overlap and blend together, I  embrace the "happy accidents" that the chaos of these collisions often creates. I like to be surprised by the outcome. Why should one live in a boring world?

Contact me at pyxl8r@me.comRésumé available upon request. This site ©2017 by Ken Palmer. Images by other artists and photographers are shown for portfolio purposes only. Requests for removal of images owned by others will be honored immediately. Do not copy or otherwise infringe upon my -- or anyone else's --  work!